Billie's Pieceful Homepage

In the past Billie was an avid quilter and here are some of her wonderful quilts:

Cecil's Turkeybird

  This is a medallion quilt with a center pieced block that is surrounded by
multiple borders. It measures 93" by 93" and includes machine and hand piecing, 
applique, and perse broderie.  Many traditional blocks are used in different 
ways to create borders.  It was juried into Quilts 2006 at the West Virginia Division of
and hung in the Marble Hall.

"Blue Eyes and Bow Ties", Al's quilt

 This quilt was made entirely by hand to honor my brother Al and his wife Jan. When my brother was a baby, our mother would dress him in blue bow ties to complement his baby blue eyes. 


Near the label, is a packet embedded in the quilt that contains the curls from their son's first hair cut.

A Different View From My Window
An "attic windows" made for my best friend, Virginia. Each window is different to show what she sees each weekend while she is on the road at cat shows. Many of the views are cats, but others commemorate shared experiences like an ice cream sundae at the top of the Eiffel Tower. A scene from Singing in the Rain to remember the time she and Matthew danced down a rainy street in NYC....so many memories! I also made her the wall-hanging above the bed - "Best Friends".
Amanda's Shoe Quilt

This was made by me and my daughters, Chrissie and Rachel. Grandson David even helped!

Among the many shoes, there is a blue suede shoe and a glittery red shoe from the Wizard of Oz. Lots of different fabric are in the shoes...silk, ultrasuede, sequinned and satin. This was fun to make, I designed a paper pieced pattern for the shoe, since then there are several patterns online.

Jacob's Quilt
This is Jacob's Quilt, daughter  Chrissie, her friend Amanda and I made it for for Amanda's nephew. 

Organ donation is a big concern of our family...have you completed your organ donor card?

 My late husband was the recipient of a second chance at life when he
received a lung transplant in 1991. The gift brought our family 3 1/2 years of time
and we are still grateful and appreciate every day of that time.
 Please think about your feelings towards organ donation, and whatever your decision...

please talk it over with your loved ones!
And finally, five things to say to those you love:
Please Forgive Me
I Forgive you
Thank You
I Love You
...we don't have to die or be dying to say the first four
and it makes the fifth one so much easier when we do have to say good-bye.